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"Khoj Gandhiji Ki" Gandhi Teerth

Gandhi Teerth is located at Jain Hills, Jalgaon. This is away from 65km from main city towards Pachora. This is the state of the art museum, where you can see as well as experienced Mahatma Gandhi's Life and work. There is 25 different sections connecting each other, had a unique example of art and multimedia together. This is the only Gandhi museum using audio guide facility in English, Hindi and Marathi. Gandhi Teerth have their own Archives section, where you can see more than 8000 books by and on Gandhiji, more than 2 lacs pages digitized documents, 152 Audio speeches by Gandhiji, 85 documentaries and 116 contries original philatalical material on Gandhiji. This archives had the diaries of Mahadevbhai Desai and Manuben and more than 5000 issues of various weekly publications which published by Gandhiji in India's freedom movement.

Ajanta Caves

The famous Ajanta Caves are 57km from Jalgaon. Ajanta caves were carved by Buddhists.


Padmalaya is a Ganesh temple considered as one of the 3.5 peeths. It is a temple with two statues of Ganesh ''swayambu'' which have trunks bending on right as well as on left. You can walk to Bheemkund- the place where Bheema killed Bakasura in Mahabharata.
The Padmalaya has got the very big history from the Mahabharata. The place was first known as 'Ekchakranagari' but later on it was pronounced as Erandol.


Its place almost 30km north of city, located in satpuda forest ranges. Which has a local transportation till village Adgaon by MSRTC buses. From Adgaon you can hire richshaw or people from village provide the service with bullock cart. Manudevi is kul-daiwat of almost 90% khandeshi people and everyone visits the place often. Best time to visit is during monsoon, it has a water fall of @ 60 Feet height, which is pleasant to see when it is raining. Water of the fall looks like milk and creates a pleasant environment around the temple. People come to visit the place from all over the country and few have visited from other country as well. After visiting Jalgaon, Manudevi is not a place to miss. People from Adgaon are supportive of visitors and they have formed a trust to support and help visitors.

Mehrun Lake

Mehrun is another famous spot in the district for its famous fruit 'Bor'. A fun park is located nearby the premises as well.Supposedly the name Jalgaon is inspired by Mehrun Lake, meaning of 'Jal' being water.


Muktainagar is a sacred place which was named after Sant Muktabai who was younger sister of Sant Dyaneshwar. Actual temple of Sant Muktabai is situated at 'Kothali'.

Pal Sanctuary

Pal is a small village situated in Raver taluka. Here, the beauty of the nature is breathtaking. It is located in Satpuda.

Unapdev : Hot water Spring

Unapdev located in foothills of Satpuda hills range, Unapdev is one of holy remote place at a distance of 2km from Vardi village & 6km from Adavad in Chopda taluka of Jalgaon District in Maharashtra state of India. Hot water fountain is one of the key attractions of Unapdev tourist place. This places have special mention in ancient holy 'Ramayana' and had auspicious touch of Lord Rama during his fourteen years expulsion from Ayodhya. Khandesh's deity Manudevi, Shiragad's Amba Bhavani Goddesses are other two sacred places in nearby Yaval Taluka. The word 'Un-ap' means hot water and in Khandesh's Ahirani language 'Vuna Dev' stands for the almighty that generated this fountain. The hot water flowing right throughout the year from the mouth of godly cow is another factor of attraction for tourist visiting this spot. This uniquely constant temperature hot water has healing effects for skin ailments. The ancient stories quotes that 'This hot water breeze was generated by Lord Rama for Sharbhang rishi having faced torments from evils.


Mahabal Road 43, Jai Nagar, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, 425002

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